MIRWAIS, 13 YEARS OLD, 7th Grader

Mirwais, who is proficient in English, has always lived in Dashte Barche. This area in western Kabul, is populated with many from Maidan Wardak, Ghazni and Parwan provinces, who escaped the conflicts in those provinces; however, his parents originated in Ghazni provinces.


His aspirations center around security, both economically and physically.  He is good at math and Chemistry, and believes becoming an Engineer will allow him to rebuild his country with city planning maps, and building housing and markets. These skills will also provide financial security for his family. 

Mirwais has always believed that the way to achieve his own personal safety is through weapons.  At the Dupree Library, he is being challenged with the questions about leadership and conflict resolution through nonviolence.  

While many are economic recruits into the military in this country where good paying jobs are scarce, he is open to learning new approaches to resolving the violence in Afghanistan. When students at his school fight with one another, he is already intervening, getting those who are in conflict to talk with one another instead.

His message to other students across the world: “I send my salaams (greetings) to you.  I wish one day we can meet and make new friendships together.”


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