What are the steps to creating a blog?

Managing a blog is fun and creating it, is easy. It is very important for the students of journalism to know how to create, manage and use a blog. To create a blog, one should find their favorite platforms. The most popular platforms are Blogspot and WordPress. Each platform has their own steps to create a blog.

Here are the complete list of steps to create a blog on WordPress:

  1. Google WordPress
  2. Click on the website: www.wordpress.com
  3. On the top right or left corner there is a button called “sign in”
  4. Click on “sign in”
  5. Under the last sign in button there is another button called “create an account or blog”. Since WordPress keeps updating their website and interface. The creating options or button could have different names like “create a blog” or “an acocunt”, or even “create a website”
  6. Then you should enter your desired name for your blog, enter an email address, phone number and a new password. You can chose your blog handle, too.
  7. You will get an email to confirm that it is you and your email address.
  8. After confirming you can sign in with the email address or blog handle and the new password you created earlier.
  9. Now you can create your first blog piece. After that you need to publish it so it can be posted on your blog.

Here is an example of a blog. This is a blog I have been managing for more than five years.


Here is an example for the website. This is a website I have been managing since 2021.



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