An Afghan school student in Canada raised funds for the Kids who are studying at Dupree Library!

As the accomplishments of Dupree Library have been increasing, we’ve came to make more connections and to impact youth. Lately, a high school student in Canada raised funds for the Library. As there are many ways people can help the Library, Mustafa has done his part through raising 60 Dollars for the children who are studying at the Dupree Library. Mustafa also graduated school this year in June.


Here is how Mustafa raised funds for the Library: 

“I am Mustafa Ali from Afghanistan who is residing in Richmon city of British Columbia, Canada. On June 10, our Social Justice 12 class had the opportunity to take action towards a current issue around the world. While other students chose eco-friendly issues and cleaning the environment; I felt responsible to help the street kids in Afghanistan who are the prime victims of war and corruption in Afghanistan. I raised a donation for Dupree Library located in Dashti Barchi of Afghanistan. This library aims to help street kids achieve basic education by accommodating books and book reading sessions with food or refreshments. This fundraising started from my school, Mathew McNair Secondary School and ended to Ecole McRoberts Secondary School. In this process, sixty Canadian dollars were donated towards the project and I sent it to Alisina Doosti who is a co-founder of Dupree Library. Later, Alisina Doosti bought more than forty new books and a table of refreshments for the street kids of Afghanistan while they celebrated one-year achievement at the Library. During this journey, I happen to learn that every single penny counts and although the students of both schools donated cents, it helped a bigger cause in Afghanistan.”

The funds raised, helped to buy dozens of storybooks for the kids. On top of that, Alisina surprised the students by celebrating one year of (Zahra’s and her student’s achievements) at the Library.

Thanks, dear Mustafa, you are right! every penny counts!


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