Today was the first day of the AfghazGar Camp implemented in American Council. For the first day of the camp we got to know each other by playing a game. The game was like the first person introduces him/herself then the next person should introduce the previous person first and then him/herself. The good news is this that I was the last person who had to introduce all the people before himself which was 16 people. It was really nice to be the last person because I got to know all the participants. I had to take notes otherwise I might have lost the game.

The second section was also a game: The Rock, Paper, Scissors. Actually it was very fan but I lost it after three moves, I could only win three people but lost to my fourth rival. What about next? The next one was also a game. It was like we had to make a line of nine participants each group. There were two groups. In this game the last person in the back of the line started the game. The game’s rule was to act by your body not even a single word. Every person should pass the action to the next person in front of him or herself until to the first person of the line. Funnier, I was this person of our group and the person before me started acting but I had no idea what he was trying to picture. When he replayed I could understand him. I understood that he felt anger, he seemed to press something then he threw something over something else. Quickly I understood that he wanted to change the channels by television’s controller but the controller didn’t work well that is why he threw it over television. Therefore, the person made this action confirmed that I was right.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

For this step there was an introduction of the camp and the programs for this year in the camp. This camp was created by Farid Noori who is for his summer vacation from Middlebury College. This program is for nine days. Totally free workshops.


This part was again a game but very creative game. What was it? It was Marshmallow. There is a fun fact: there were four groups and every group leaded by four pals, our group won the game. I and my teammates built the tallest structure among all groups.

The tallest structure was made by us. I am explaining how we made it
11990480_512294208947234_4503699703055347863_n (1)
A group of Marshmallow game

This is the final happening for the first day. It was examples of the people who started business from nothing as well as from the things already exist. For instance, the Airbnb which is hosting passengers in their own home like family style cheaper than hotels. The passengers can book online. There were other impressive examples which I never thought of.

I hope other days will be much better.

Written by Nematullah Ahangosh


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