Dear Diary!

It is around 8:00 in the morning. Last night I went to bed around midnight. I see the newspaper on the table. Opening I notice sky scrapper and lights in the second page of the newspaper.

Suddenly, Liberty Statue catches my attention, this causes me to make a dream about going to New York City and try to change this dreaming in real life. This topic about New York and Liberty statue caused me to search, watch reports and news about New York City until I found out a lot about this beautiful city and its people. If I would find an opportunity to travel somewhere, it would be New York in spring. In That city you can find people from all around the world. As I read about it in a newspaper and according to my researches it has lots of sky scrapers that attracts everyone to go once there as a visitor.

Liberty Statue, which is still a dream for me to standing up next to it and take a photo. In addition, it is very important for me to know about the history of this big statue which attracts not only me but thousands of people to know about this. In New York you can meet most of the world’s highest buildings and sky scrapers at a glance. Moreover, these are amazing to see for the first time. You can have a global look on its diversities like walking in the middle of night but feel it like shining night and brilliant day, you will never get tired of being in New York as a visitor, and I call it the city of days and nights without lights where you feel that never sunset happens because it is the most shining place ever.

Whenever I open my Wish List and see the images of this city with sky scrapers and is in the first page of my list with a big picture of its statue.

Finally, it is still my wish to meet the New York City of lights and astonishing. In addition, there is no expectation to lose any opportunity of traveling once in my lifetime. If there is any risk to take because of traveling to New York I won’t miss it, I will give it a try.


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