Frishta, (first from right) joined us 1 year and 6 months ago. She says that the Library taught her friendship. She’s read many storybooks available at Dupree Library and she is interested in what books have to say.

Fariba, a 4th grader at school (second from right) got better results in school subjects since she joined our library. Compared to last year, she passed all the subjects without fail.

Zainab (first from left) has made progress in English classes. She wants to master it by the end of 2021. Elina (second from left) who is her classmate, says that she learned kindness from her teachers.

Our teachers are committed to the goals and service of Dupree Library. The subjects taught are; Math, Dari, Drawing, Ribbon Works, Storytelling, and English. If you are interested to help our team, you can start by inviting your friends to like our FB page and join tens of book donors who donated books they didn’t need or anymore. (FB Page: @dupreelibrary)


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