On 17th of Sept, the Dupree Library opened after a long period of lockdown. The theme for the reopening was how and when we can restart the lessons as well as a visual board/flannel graph through which they learned about how to keep hope.

Well, the library will be functioning two days per week, 4 hours. On Sundays, they study Math and Dari. While on Thursdays they study English and practice Creative such as visual boards or drawing. Also, for the creative classes, Dupree students suggested that in long run they will collect empty water bottles from the streets and make chairs out of them.

Keeping in mind the mental health of people, Dupree teachers tried a storytelling session. Then they asked the students to draw on the visual board what they have learned from the story. The story’s theme was water scarcity and how a child recovers the villagers’ faith through her umbrella.

Story: the story might be an old Persian/Dari story. I am just writing brief about the story but the actual session of storytelling was different than what you might be reading.

In a very remote village, there was water scarcity for a very long time. The people did not know what to do. They dried their wells and there were not enough rainfalls.

One day they gathered in a place to find a solution. Everyone had an opinion on how to find water. One of them suggested if they all could go to a big place like a desert and pray to God for rainfalls.

Finally, they went to the place to start praying. But it did not work. They tried for the second, third and fourth time but it did not work. Suddenly, a very young girl was approaching. Everyone’s eyes turned to the young girl/child with umbrella in her hands and holding it tight as if it were going to rain. People thought that she was crazy because it was sunny and no rain was falling. As she was entering the gathering, it started to rain. People were surprised and shocked to see such a miracle.

The moral or the miracle of the story is to keep hope even in times like water scarcity, COVID-19. These two issues are causing people much problems in PD13. It was a creative illustration by the Dupree teachers.


The picture/visual board is split into two parts: the right part shows the water scarcity and the left part shows how the people pray and how the young girl enters the gathering with her umbrella.

Thank you for reading


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