Atiq Dosti welcomes the first two new comers to the Library on a snowy day. On the very first day Atiq comes to teach drawing. Atiq who is an 11th grader at school, also studied to draw and paint for six years. He recently joined Dupree Library as a volunteer to teach drawing to kids. 20180210_153513

Two kids (new comers) joined our program until now. Ghafor and Mohammad are brothers, they work as street vendors. They have a small booth trying to support their family. They left school and started to work when his father’s left hand broke.


‘It’s been two years I couldn’t go to school’ says Mohammad, ‘now an opportunity arises for me and my brother to study through Dupree Library. We get free stationery, too.’

Ghafor yearns to rejoin his classmates and teachers at school. Ghafor and Mohammad enjoy drawing today while listening to the music. They draw, listen then watch the snow as it falls. َFar from war and violence, today is the day of snow, music and drawing for the two Afghan Kids.



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