We have come a long way to do what our ancestors had to do several decades ago. I have been working as a volunteer for the kids who are orphans, child laborers, have parents who are disabled or jobless, or talented youth whose families cannot afford for their education. The root of being destitute is only war! It is #Enough! Together let’s put an end to war!

Here with Afghan Peace Volunteers I have come to believe that we can build a world without war not only for Afghan street kids but for kids around the world.

I teach them Non-violence class every afternoon of Fridays. It is not always teaching but learning. I love every kid in my class and they love me. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love.”

We could build a world without war for our kids in our community through love and no-violence. Still we are doing this and we will be doing it in the future. We are on our way to non-violence and we are on our journey to smile. We donate our smiles for each other as a way to show love to each other.



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