We are living in on the same planet which is our home for everyone. We, human family dream of abolishing war and agreeing that we are all tired of war because war costs us everything but resolves nothing and war has increased extremism.

I say #Enough! Of all forms of violence. We had #Enough! Global warming, inequalities and war. It is time to oppose them but Lets oppose no human being and no part of nature.

#Enough! Is a positive movement. So join us and put an impact of non-violence in history. It is easy then you think of. Start to form small, local peace communities of two or more persons in which we agree to ban weapons and war and to build nonviolent systems for every aspect of life.

Like me start to form from now on. Today I gave a presentation in the Rotary Club of Kabul City about #Enough GEN. For myself it was extraordinary presentation because we could form an #Enough Community.

The goals of #Enough and the club are like the same. Together we begin to heal and live differently. Students learn better, laborers and farmers work better, mother worry less, basic human resources are better shared and peace through service.

Kabul Rotarians agreed to start this positive movement with me and I am happy that there are people in my country who dream of nonviolent systems. I am very, very and very hopeful now!

Please visit our website at and sign People’s Agreement if you agree to abolish war.


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