When I graduated from Star Educational Society under the name of English Language Program but I didn’t get my diploma, I started teaching children, English as a second language. In this way, I have been teaching since January 2013. When I started teaching, Mahd Tamadon Academy chose me to teach other languages and different school subjects as well. In the meantime, I learnt from my students. I realized, we were teaching each other mutually. Later on I received my diploma, too.


Every day I was preparing myself for different classes and enthusiastic students. We became friends. My students were not only from my own nation but from other nations, too. They spoke Pashto Language so we were learning three languages at the same time, English, Pashto and Dari (my native language) which was a very memorable of my lifetime. I still remember the names of my students. I still remember them. I wasn’t done with my eighth grade yet that I was teaching. I can’t say they were my students but my peers and pals because they were aged older than me and some of them were at the same age or younger than me. I was named the youngest teacher of the Academy.


There was a big gap after 2013 which I didn’t teach. Moreover, I missed all the students.

In the middle of 2014 I started teaching again in an academy far away from home.

In the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 I taught a man aged 40 years old and his child in their home but it was for money.

Maher Azad, aged around 40

Nowadays I teach in an academy named Bessat Academy just five minutes away from home. Again the students are children and I am very glad when I see them and feel that I am very lucky having them in my life. It reminds me the first time I started teaching children or my peers through limited possibilities such as not having access to enough chairs, whiteboards or markers but what was more important was ourselves because we gathered to study the essential knowledge of today.

Recently at Bessat Academy

I will continue my way which is preparing children for a bright future through essential knowledge of today.

By Nematullah Ahangosh


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