A dialogue between officials about youth going to Europe, on November 4, 2015. In this event people came from different parts of Kabul. Officials, universities’ students and photographers came to celebrate this memorable day. The day was celebrated as bellow:

  • As usual the event started with recitation of several verses of Holy Koran.
  • The technical team played national anthem, all of participants stood up on their feet to respect the anthem including Dr. Ramazan Bashardost the representative of people in Afghanistan’s Parliament, Dr. Kamal Sadat, Ali Iftikhari the speaker of ministry of social & jobs affairs, Arifa Paykar the director of Paikar Joyan Asr Civil Organization, Farkhunda Bayat director of Women & Youth for Change Organization, Zulfiqar Omid an active member of Civil Society.

    People respecting national anthem
  • Farkhunda Bayat thanked all participants for joining them.
  • A video played by technical team regarding breakaway to Europe. Video represented refugees face too much problems while traveling to Europe. Most of them left school, university and their homelands because of current conditions existing in Afghanistan.
  • Arifa Paikar invited the people who were supposed to be in the panel.
    Photo cred
    Arifa Paikar

    The discussion run by Ishraq Rahimi.

    Ishraq Rahimi the executor of panel
    Ishraq Rahimi the executor of panel

Dr. Kamal Sadat was asked to talk about why youth go to Europe.

Mr. Sadat: Improved countries were made by youth. Who do we leave Afghanistan for? Though we have too much problems but it doesn’t mean that we should leave our country, we can’t blame youth but they are our potential. Government and youth must help each other like friends in order to reach an improved country.

Dr. Kamal Sadat
Dr. Kamal Sadat

Ali Iftikhari: The ministry of social and jobs affairs is not responsible for creating jobs but they have programs & workshops to train professionals for jobs. Saudi Arabia is going to sign an agreement for accepting employees in the coming two weeks.

Ali Iftikhari
Ali Iftikhari

Dr. Ramazan Bashardost: The benefits of a country is not the case but the personal benefits. Every citizen should think about their own benefits so this action causes to make a network of benefits then the benefits of a society can be created. The people who talk about the benefits of a country caused our youth think of living in developed countries like European countries.

Dr. Ramazan Bashardost
Dr. Ramazan Bashardost

Zulfiqar Omid: When current government created, people are think of leaving Afghanistan for other countries. There are three reasons why our youth are going to Europe: first, insecurity. Second, unclear programs of government for unclear future of Afghans. Third, not bring hopeful of current government for a better change. In other word, the youth who got already in Europe are not happy, too.

Zulfiqar Omid
Zulfiqar Omid
  • Tough discussion between Bashardost, Sadat & others in the panel.


In the end audience asked to ask their questions from the people in the panel. A question from Nematullah Ahangosh: How to create jobs for youth?

Nematullah Ahangosh. Photo credit: Alisina Dosti
Nematullah Ahangosh.
Photo credit: Alisina Dosti

All credit photos: Nematullah Ahangosh, except the last one.

Written by Nematullah Ahangosh


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