As Kabul is well-known because of its pollution. It’s the dirtiest capital in the globe. These contamination are air pollution, polluted areas & garbage as well as one of the problems is that people don’t know how to live in a city. This is a threat for all people who live in this capital. It’s the responsibly of people to keep their environment clean & to prevent from diseases which are created by these pollution. Most of people who live in Kabul came from villages who don’t know how to live in a city that’s why it’s required to let them know the ways of living in a city.

People must learn to live in a city
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People must learn to live in a city
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Old machines create much pollution

More than 3000 people die because of these contamination every year. There’re thousands of infections created in every month. The percentage of disease from 40% increased to 60% in 2015 which is concerning for people who live in Kabul. Old machines or cars produce pollution, the streets aren’t clean so the wind of cars together with productions of cars spread dusts to the atmosphere and makes thousands of diseases. The factories which use coal and oil to generate power also add pollution to the environment.


Government acted to solve most of the problems but the citizens must also be responsible and to take actions. In Kabul most of people came from villages who don’t know how to live in a city & aren’t very familiar with life in a city. People, government & foreigners built lots of hospitals due to cure sick people who suffer from environmental pollution but they forgot prevention. I think we should care more about preventing diseases rather than building hospitals.

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People should be notified to have a clean environment. Clean environment brings them happiness & health. They can build a green and fresh atmosphere because we worth to live in a clean planet. We have to put an end to this problem in order not to cause occurring more problems and not to have sick people in our community or city. We youth have to give people incentive of preventing themselves from diseases, these environmental pollution causes terrible consequences & might cause perilous problems in the future that’s why we must be motivated to solve this problem.

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We must work with mayors to have a green city

By Nematullah Ahangosh


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