Dear diary,

It is 1:40 p.m., Monday, October 26th of 2015 in our classroom at school. We are studying math. Suddenly the windows and doors of classrooms at school begin shaking and making noises. The first person who gets out of the classroom next to ours was Mrs. Hawa, our geography and history teacher who is mother of third months old baby. The next one is our math teacher who gets out of the class before us. Then our classmates run one by one and I was the last one who gets out of our classrooms. Oh my lord, it is an earthquake. Every one is in campus now, worried and dizzy. The water in front of the school is moving back and forth. The earth is shaking but the school building is stable and the lumps hanging on the walls are shaking, too.

I think it is the end of life and our tiny world. It is the first time I face such a big occurrence in my life. All are happy because they thought it is gone but after some seconds it starts for the second time. I remember from the book that I read several years ago that there is a wave after every earthquake. Again the earth under out feet is shaking, now someone opens the school’s gate and gets out of school and others followed him but it is more dangerous than staying inside school because there are two other buildings out there and our school has only one very firm building. I think it is better to stay inside the campus so I stay. The second earthquake is gone and fortunately everyone is safe. Nothing happened dangerously during the earthquake. God may bless us all.

I feel the natural powers are stronger than mankind’s powers just like todays earthquake. From this earthquake I learned that I have to be quick off the mark than ever, it may happen in the future. Who knows?

We are back in our classrooms now and I begin to write about today in my diary.

By Nematullah Ahangosh


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