International peace day celebrated in Kabul in 21 of September of 2015. The event Hosted by Afghan Peace Volunteers Organization and Mater Peace Afghanistan in Mashal University. We witnessed an exception event this time. There were many new faces and famous such as officials ,international guests, dancers, young singers, bikers, photographers and artists which were all gathered to celebrate this important day of peace nationally and internationally.

The agenda implemented as following:

First, several verses of Holy Koran were recited by Moqadisa Gowhari. Afterwards, national anthem played and all stood up to respect the national anthem.


Dr. Kamal Sadat was the first and official speaker of this day, pointing out that while there is peace everything is possible as well as youth can play an important role on how to build a peaceful society. He encouraged the youth to take action to have a peaceful society beside of a developing country.

Deputy Minister for Youth Affairs Dr. Kamal Sadat

Popular singers sang all about peace in Afghanistan. Navid Payman and Bizhan Zafarmal with a group of dancers made the event more fun.

Nawid Payman a popular singer
Bizhan Zafarmal a popular rapper and singer of Afghanistan

The bikers did an amazing show which made smile all participants.


The techno dancers impressed every one.


The graffiti drawing artists had a message for people to love each other and live peacefully.


The Milli Attan( A traditional dancing) was implemented as the sign of the united and one Afghanistan home for all Afghans.


A video about peace played by Master Peace Afghanistan Organization.

In the end after the event some of the members of Afghan Peace Volunteers Organization had Skype in order to talk to other people that how they celebrated peace day. The people joined from U.S, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries talking about peace.

 A Photo of Afghan Peace Volunteers on International Peace Day
A Photo of Afghan Peace Volunteers on International Peace Day

Written by Nematullah Ahangosh


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