Long ago there was a teacher who was always soft-hearted and highly-educated. Most of his students were strong enough in their lessons but unhappy. They were unique among all other students but they were wretched. Their teacher couldn’t find any better way to find out the problem. He tried many ways but couldn’t come up with any result. One day he arranged a general meeting between teachers to find a solution but again failed.

The teacher was unhappy. He asked one by one students about their lifestyles and why they acted like that. He came up with very different problems in their lives. He prepared a class for every Thursday to make a progress and gave them tips to solve existed problems in their lives. In more than a year the instructor couldn’t add lots of promotions to this matter.

Year followed year and the students were about to graduate from school. But the tutor found out that his students were still unhappy but strong in the area of academics.

It was a day of spring. The students were making an event for graduation and a goodbye party because the next day they were going to graduate. The day was coming on. They organized the event for graduation. They spent their rest of the day and their night at school as the last day and night of their academic lifetime at school. In the meantime, the teacher was also with his strong students. The night was spent at its finest and the day of their dream was turning to commence. They took part in event as guests and alumni. It was a proud for the school to graduate their students after all the difficulties that they faced schooling and it was the time to celebrate now. In the end of the event the teachers, principal, officers, school staffs and students were waiting for the time of offering the diplomas of students. The students were graduated by delivering their diplomas. Afterwards, the teacher who always was thinking to make his students happy he requested them to get the most important lesson of life. What lesson? They agreed to study their lesson and entered the class as the last time of high school.

In the end the teacher entered the class. After students took their seats the teacher put out his right hand with a bundle of pencils. He said that the last lesson was a game. What game?

‘In the first step all you need to do is to break a pencil.’ Teacher said.

They agreed and passed the first step as easy as a pie. But what about the second step?

‘In this step you have to have two pencils each of you to break.’ Teacher said.

In this step the game seemed difficult and hard to break the pencils. It was turning to the third and last step.

‘This step is hard and I don’t think any of you can pass this. In this step you have to break a bundle of pencils.’ The instructor said.

The students tried but couldn’t break the bundle. Even the students who were the most powerful in the class. They gave it a try one more time but they failed. In the end the teacher said, ‘I had never seen you happy, even though, you were always strong, the reason is that you never broke the problem like a pencil one by one, you always tried them by bundle. Never let the problems get together if you do they become a bundle which breaking them is extremely hard but not impossible, it just makes you unhappy. The way you can stay happy is to break the problems one by one just like pencils.’


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