Read and feel how we inspired the world around ourselves!

Afghan Peace Volunteers created an event in Kabul. This event was meant to create a world without war for all children, we volunteers believe in creating a world without war no matter when but what matters is trying to create. Today’s children worth studying instead of working on streets so as they are the leaders of tomorrow, they are not alone these volunteers try to help them study. Every Friday they gather children to teach them reading, lots of progress made in this area like; the children can read now. A library is at their disposal all the time. There are several teachers for the children, teach them different subjects. Every word they study is from the yesterday’s children which are today’s youth, assist them with their education, although, they passed a very bad situation of studying but finally they could learn and now they want other children not to suffer from the existed conditions in the country. The event took place as bellow in orders:

IMG_4657 IMG_4661

  • # Enough Motto (# بس)

What do they mean with motto written in their hands? The motto written in everyone’s hands is #Enough (# بس). This means war is enough.  The children have nothing to do with war and fights among the people around themselves. They shouldn’t be sacrificed because of others.

You can sign the petition of saying #Enough to the world here:

IMG_4790 IMG_4775

  • Peace garden

Another point of the event was to remind mankind of natural actions like planting trees instead of making more rifles. A tree gives us oxygen to breath but a gun gives us bullet to kill each other which human is worth breathing not being killed or killing. Here children plant trees and burry guns which easily represents hope for ending war and to start living in a garden where white peace pigeons fly on it. Afghan children have been suffering from three decades war but now they raise their voices and stand up for their rights. They are ready to continue building gardens no matter what.

green capture (41)IMG_4781

  • Graveyard

In the graveyard they break gun toys to show the world that war is enough. They want to study not to fight. The children decided not to use even gun toys in the Eids(Religious Ceremonies) and other celebrations because they are tired of guns and explosions instead they get a pen to show the way of living is educating not killing.

green capture (27) IMG_4732

  • Pen against rifle

Every child broke a gun and buried in a graveyard. This part of the event highlights its finest and best implementation. For giving peace concept to the people around the even, event organizers, participants, youth, arms, mayors, unemployed people and media. Breaking a gun, burying and getting a pen raises voices against war to its ending. The pen demonstrated educating children not only in Afghanistan but for all children all over the world who can’t afford schooling. Afghan Peace Volunteers helped and supported more than 100 children and continues helping the leaders of tomorrow. These children are from streets and the organization tries to put an end to child labor instead they support them for studying even though rifles and explosions are heard in every corner of Afghanistan. Apparently, ending this seems impossible but these volunteers believe to supply them with a world without battle and violence against children. They all believe it is feasible in the future’s leathers which are today’s children.

IMG_4816 green capture (17)

  • Mayors

Mayors gave them a hand to build their wishful garden. They tried themselves to be at children’s disposal for a bright future because when they were child there was not any chance of studying and they don’t want this for today’s children.

  • Clothing and taking action

Every event organizer and children wore black overalls that show being in rifles’ funeral. Green shawls from Borders Free Organization show to green the country. Some photos in their hands show the promotions made during the last decade in Afghanistan. Some other photos present how mankind lost themselves among fighting and how they kill each other. Many men were killed and are being killed without any sin as well as many children who know nothing about the world around themselves. Today they gathered together here to say enough for war by showing up in a group not to mind that they are alone.


Every picture of this event has a meaning in many ways just find the way you think it means!

Written by Nematullah Ahangosh


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