Soft breeze stirred my hairs like the papers of my diary near the window and woke me up gently so did the leaves of trees stirred, I heard birds singing, it reminded me when I was a kid my mother was singing because of making me asleep. The year was about to turn to spring, everywhere was green and the next day was Nawruz which means (New Day) the first day of the year. Outside of the house everyone was playing, the kids were playing football; girls were talking about homework and new clothes.

I heard in that day a new baby was born in the family of Ahmad Khan. Baby was born with blue eyes and very handsome so his father according to the first day of the year named him Nawruz. Everyday Nawruz grew up and became smarter, he grew better and passed two years of his life but he was unable to walk. His parents, sisters and brothers were hopeful of him and thought that he might be able to walk for the next couple of months. In the other hand, like every day he grew up but unable to walk as he was becoming smarter. He couldn’t talk, too. The family thought that maybe he can’t walk and talk for now, albeit, he might walk and talk in the future.

After 12 years, it was one day before Nawruz again which means the first day of year. The Khan family was ready to celebrate this consecrated day. Nevertheless, the mother was concern of her boy after 12 years. The boy was unable to get up or stand up and to speak. In the course of these years Mr. Khan spent lots of money because of his other word, he lost everything he had and did his best to treat Nawruz, even though, Khan took him to Pakistan quite a lot of times in order to treat him but the doctors did not understand his sickness. In that day Khan Family was very depressed.

Nawruz was wretched, too. Amina, his elder sister asked her father, “Papa when Nawruz will be able to talk because I would like to talk to him, he is very alone and has no one to make him happy and laugh, he does not know what we say and the way we walk, he may love to walk just like others, play football and talk like others?”

“I don’t know sweetheart” answered her father.

“We also want to talk to him and see him to walk but still we don’t know what the way is.” said her mother.

“Maybe we should help him to try some exercises so he might walk.” Amina said.

“You are right we must try it once.” said Khan.

They became on the go for him. In the next day Amina started to teach her brother walking by the help of their parents, first they tried to help him to stand up but his legs did not even move, they put him back in the ground. They knew he won’t be able to walk. Amina thought if they pray to God, he may help his brother. For that day the parents and Amina seemed unhappy. It was hard to tolerate especially for Nawruz. Though he could not walk and talk but was smart. For more than two days Nawruz cried. Sometimes his brothers and sisters excluding Amina made him hopeless. When the parents and Amina weren’t around his brothers could simply beat him in a way. “It is because I am crippled.” He thought. No plan could get him out of all his difficulties.

Usually his nephew who was turning to one year old came and made Nawruz happy. He tried to talk with her many times but he couldn’t, his nephew didn’t come for a year. One day she came with her mother after greetings she came to Nawruz and tried to talk to him but he did not understand. They decided to stay for a while, every day Nawruz woke up early and waited for his nephew to get up to start walking and talking.

One month passed but Nawruz tried his best to stand up and walk. In fact his nephew acted like his teacher. Nawruz could make some changes and important progresses like he was able to get up for the first time.

One day his mother brought him his breakfast, incredibly Nawruz got up, his mother cried a lot she was very thrilled for the first time to see her boy getting up, Nawruz cried, too. Everyone gathered around the son and mother but he only looked at his nephew and smiled. Everybody was amazed for this activity of Nawruz. Nawruz motioned to his nephew so his mother understood that he wanted to say something for them but the child interpreted, “He learned getting up from me, and during this period when I woke up every day and got up I noticed he wanted to learn getting up.”

“You have to stay for a long time in our house until my son stand up and walk; he might learn from your daughter. I will inform your husband that you will be here for a long time.” Khan asked his daughter.

“Yes, papa you are right my brother will learn if we stay here. In addition, he likes my daughter to be around him. Please don’t inform my husband it is not a problem for us. I can do everything for my brother.” His daughter said.

Days passed, Nawruz extremely tried to learn walking, after couple of days an accident happened and changed Nawruz’s life. What was it? His nephew was playing with her toys; she climbed up on a chair and tried to climb on the cupboard, she was about to fall down, his uncle knew she was about to fall down. The child was falling down, suddenly Nawruz stood up to catch her so he could catch her successfully.

He cried. Why? He was on his feet for the first time and tried to walk. The child went to inform others. All gathered and saw that Nawruz was walking. Eyes were full of tears. The next day Nawruz’s sister and nephew left for their home. But Nawruz did not want them to leave. Khan family celebrated that day as the first day of the year (Nawruz). Khan family was extremely happy because of Nawruz.

After two days Khan decided to register his boy as a student in a school for mutes.

Nawruz has a good head on his shoulders now as well as attending his school, now he can walk and talk whenever he wants. He is not crippled anymore, he can play football just like others, can walk without any weakness. Often he visits his teacher (nephew), too. Eventually, no one can bit him even his brothers who hated him.

Finally, Nawruz has all days of his life a Nawruz (a new day).

Written by Nematullah Ahangosh


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