Dear diary!

Farahmand who was our literature teacher always encouraged me to keep writing because he thought that my writing is promising in our native language (Dari). His encouragement caused me to write not only in our language but in English language, too. I share this memory from three years ago. One day I was listening to Farahmand’s advice and I only remember these words of his mouth:

“Nematullah are you aware of your abilities? In addition, you really impress me by your writing but today you showed a great ability in writing and I am very impressed. You will be a great writer and if you broaden your writing skill than you would be greater, try to discover yourself! Just you need to enable your talent and a brilliant future is waiting for you. Try to work on it! Believe yourself. By checking your assignments I understood that you have the ability to write story.” After that I realized that how much I am talented, he made me aware of my talents and abilities. I developed this skill until I was well-known as a strong writer in school and courses so I tried enabling the strengths he told me to.

Written by Nematullah Ahangosh


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