The large one is called Salsal
شمامه بودای کوچک
The small one is named Shamamah
Buddha’s statues during war

Sculpturing is to form or carve and shed objects in different figures and sizes. In Afghanistan sculpturing started in very past eras. But her fame started from Buddha’s statues in Bamian, they were made in the midst of a mountain. The lager one is 53 meters high which is made in 554 AD and the smaller one is 35 meters high that is made in 507 AD. This part of Afghanistan is always benefited by tourism. These statues weren’t save during the history and were destroyed by immodest men and tribes. When Muslims spread around the Arab Peninsula the Arab tribes spread around the world and came to Afghanistan, too. They took the gold and jewelries from this province. In addition, they destroyed this historical province as well as its statues especially because of their religious matters. Bamian wasn’t safe from emperors like Genghis Khan( Mongolian emperor), kings like Abdulrahman Khan (Emir of Afghanistan from 1880 to 1901) and groups like Taliban. In the other hand, Afghans continued rebuilding these statues and monuments.

new build
The statues during rebuilding
new build (2)
The statues during rebuilding

There are still people working on this art in different ways. One way they carve to create statues and the other way they shed in forms to create statues and statuettes. I hope my this information would be informative to know about sculpturing in the second way which commences from mixture of plaster and water until selling in bazaar.

There are five steps to follow, create and sell your own statuettes:

  1. In the first step you need some plaster and water. Once you have them ready it is the show time.The first step is to implement with plaster and water. First, the water and plaster should be mixed with each other which will appear like clay. When this is done the second step is getting started. Make sure you don’t waste the time otherwise your plaster starts to solidify itself.
  2. For this process you need forms and some rubber. Forms are different and depends on what you’d like to create; like: Horses, grooms, birds or the forms you want yourself. you need rubber or something you can tight up the forms with. when you shed plaster into forms, you have to tight it up until it takes its shape.IMG_1401

    Forms & rubbers to tight with
    Forms are tighten by rubbers
  3. When you think the water you used for building a statuette is evaporated and dry enough it is the time to take it out of the form. This is the show time for the third step. This step is to carve extra plasters, decorate and to shape the way you think your piece of sculpturing should look like. Every statuette has extra parts which you need to remove them. Be careful to carve them gently because it is taken out very freshly from the form. When you are done, the fourth step is going to take place.
    IMG_1375 IMG_1416

  4. This step is easy. You need only oil and color to combine them for painting your sculptures. The coolest part of sculpturing is its painting. In this part you have to have every kind of color because every statuette has its own color and you have to paint them exactly the way it looks naturally and this is the part indeed you catch the viewers’ attention for selling. This steps is up to your zeal and your wishes. You need specific colors for specific settings. Pick up a brush so as to start from one part painting and have extra brushes for other colors. When you are done, keep them in a dry place where there is no water.You can prepare a place out in the sun due to dry or a place you think of better drying. Don’t put them in the sun for a long time. Most of people prefer a place where sun can’t reach their statuettes.

IMG_1409 IMG_1407 IMG_1414


5.  Great job! Your pieces of sculpturing are ready to sell. Find and convince some people to buy. Surprisingly, you will find lots of customers.!

20150806_094312 20150806_094300-1


Statuettes are ready to sell
Statuettes are ready to sell

Written by Nematullah Ahangosh


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